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Remote device monitoring - Advanced Heart and Vein

What is Remote Monitoring?

In most cases, pacemakers and ICDs are equipped with a special transmitter to perform remote monitoring. The pacemakers and ICDs automatically send medical and technical information from your heart to your cardiologist who is treating you. This allows your doctor to monitor your condition based on accurate, up-to-date clinical information at any time.

In order to send the signals from your ICD or pacemaker, you will need a special transmitting device. The type of transmitter you receive will depend on the implant manufacturer. 

Cardiologist’s offices may be able to monitor battery status, lead data, detect arrhythmias,  confirm delivered therapy, and some can also check on fluid retention and therefore provide early warning signs of heart failure.

Remote device monitoring provides easy access to information that allows your doctor to:

  • Manage your heart condition
  • Monitor your implanted heart device
  • Obtain information from your implanted heart device 

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