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Laser Varicose Vein Surgery in Denver - Thornton - Brighton - AHVC

What is Laser Varicose Vein Surgery?

Using lasers to treat varicose veins is a simple, minimally-invasive outpatient procedure that can help you look and feel better. It uses heat from a specialized laser to close veins and allow blood to flow freely through other avenues. This procedure usually takes less than an hour to complete and patients can go home the same day. We recommend wearing or bringing loose-fitting clothing to wear after the procedure. 

Who is a Candidate for Laser Varicose Vein Surgery

Most patients with varicose veins will qualify for laser treatment, but your provider will work with you to determine the best avenue for care. Laser surgery may be the best option if your skin over your varicose veins is irritated.

Benefits of Laser Varicose Vein Surgery:

  • Repeatable to reach desired goal
  • Increased confidence
  • Decreased pain
  • Improved mobility
Laser Varicose Vein Surgery
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