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Limb Preservation - Advanced Heart and Vein

How Limb Preservation Works

We utilize a team-oriented approach to prevent leg amputations and preserve the patient’s quality of life. This includes employing specialists from vascular surgery and infectious diseases to provide the comprehensive care necessary to improve blood flow to the feet and legs safely. 

We believe in using painless, non-invasive diagnostic methods to determine the location of impaired blood flow in the legs followed by conservative, minimally-invasive treatment methods. 

When to See Advanced Heart and Vein Center for Limb Preservation

You should schedule an appointment for limb preservation if:

  • Another physician has told you that your legs are at risk of being amputated
  • You have severe peripheral vascular disease
  • You have wounds that limit the use of your leg
  • You have diabetes that causes leg numbness
  • Your legs cramp after walking short distances 
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