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Elevate Your Heart Health. Climbing stairs can be a game-changer. - Advanced Heart and Vein

Elevate Your Heart Health!

Did you know that a simple daily activity can significantly reduce your risk of heart disease? According to a recent blog post, climbing stairs can be a game-changer.

The findings are based on surveys of 458,860 adults in the UK Biobank, with factors such as family history, genetic risk, and high blood pressure included in the analysis. Stair climbing reduced risk for everyone surveyed, the study found, but particularly for those who weren’t already at a high risk of heart disease.

Climbing stairs is free, doesn’t require a trip to the gym or any special equipment, can be done in all weathers, and is something we tend to do anyway as part of our everyday routines. It’s one of the most universally accessible exercises there is.

Check out the details in the recent blog: Want to Cut Heart Disease Risk? Here’s How Many Flights of Stairs to Climb Daily : ScienceAlert

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