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Thanks Dr. Sharma for Great Cardiac Care | Advanced Heart and Vein

Two years ago I suffered cardiac arrest while at work. North Metro Fire rushed me to Good Samaritan where Dr. Sharma poked 3 stents into my left artery and because of all amazing caregivers in that cath lab, I survived.
All the teams that cared for me at the hospital and all the teams that support those teams, provided me with their exceptional skills and patience to allow me to have a full recovery and move on to lead a full life without any brain damage. I’m able to exercise, hike, bike, and watch my son play baseball because of the care I received from all of you.
I’m grateful to be writing you this note. My family and my friends are also grateful and thank you for all your skill and kindness during our challenging and uncertain time. While there is no measure of thanks to equal the amazing work you all did, I’ve selected some chocolates to help me. Enstrom’s toffee is my favorite, so as a token of my appreciation of your kindness I offer you my favorite sweets.
I’m living proof of the good you bestow on the patients of Dr. Sharma.

Happy Valentine’s day and thank you from the bottom of my healthy heart to the top of my healthy brain.

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