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At AHVC we make sure to provide you with quality care as well as convenient and easy enrollment


We provide a variety of comprehensive therapies and interventional procedures for all cardiac conditions such as coronary angiogram, electrical cardioversions, device implants such as pacemaker and defibrillator.


Our team of vascular specialists will work with you to better understand and treat conditions such as peripheral vascular disease.


We offer advanced non-surgical vein care for a wide range of conditions in our vein center.

Serving Denver

Advanced Heart and Vein Center was founded by a group of physicians who are passionate about providing a different and innovative model of cardiovascular care delivered through an independent private practice. Our team will work with you to better understand and treat conditions such as peripheral vascular disease We offer advanced non-surgical vein care. The clinic is based on a modern comprehensive care model that integrates multiple areas of cardiac, vascular and vein care into one service line delivered under one roof.

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Rajesh Sharma

Interventional Cardiologist and Vascular Disease
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Qaisar Khan

Interventional Cardiologist and Endovascular Disease
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Behzad Molavi

Interventional Cardiologist and Endovascular Disease
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Franchesca Neil

Cardiology Nurse Practitioner
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Patient Reviews

Dr. Sharma is very good at explaining things to you. He doesn't make you feel hurried. The staff is very... read more

Roger Heinz Avatar
Roger Heinz

Very tentative and caring, knowledgeable and thorough. Great people!

marilyn hill Avatar
marilyn hill

Dr Khan from AHVC is the best doctor I have ever seen. Love the way he treats his patients with... read more

Kreative Leo Avatar
Kreative Leo

Total waste of time. The cardiologist didn't make any effort to listen to my problem and the front desk made... read more

Carla Stapleton Avatar
Carla Stapleton

Dr. Sharma is great, but his staff is incompetent at best. Scheduled an appointment in one location, got a text... read more

Bogdan Morozovskiy Avatar
Bogdan Morozovskiy

The staff and Doctors were very professional. The building was clean and fresh. My cholesterol is down to almost normal... read more

Maria James Avatar
Maria James

I first went to Dr. Molavi for a possible heart problem. After a very thorough set of tests he determined... read more

Donald Poncelow Avatar
Donald Poncelow

Absolutely the best medical practice in Colorado. I've experienced many medical procedures and practices,AVMC is the best. Thanks for your... read more

kris Hefley Avatar
kris Hefley

I am very impressed by the services they provide.

Muhammad Usman Avatar
Muhammad Usman
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